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Commencing with the notion of aesthetically pleasing, stylish, meticulously crafted, and extremely functional bags, Mickey and Kirk put their efforts into the hide & chic brand together. To appeal to an utterly fatigued market with the same boring range of bags that do little to excite the eyes. 

We had a humble start and still have a long way to go. As an importer and distributor, they have established a reputation as a dependable source that offers good value.

The hide and chic was established in 1996. It was only inevitable that the minds behind hide & chic chose something visually appealing and useful, given their collective expertise of 26 years in the B2B industry and their great eye for artistic charm and functionality. 

Being of Indian descent, hide & chic excels in leather items, most of which are produced in India. We pride ourselves in having a greater understanding of the particular conditions that constitute Indian manufacturing. The brand holds a team of talented and artistic workers with over 10 years of experience and has always respected the abilities they've inherited from previous generations. 

The Brand Story

Keeping in mind that "hide" stands for leather and "chic" for sophistication, the products reflect the brand journey that began with the idea of assisting wholesalers in their business endeavours. With each bag made up of innovation that embodies the diversity the world needs, hide & chic sets newer trends in the wholesale market every day. 

The elegant blending of leather with other countryside elements is a tribute to the brand's ever-expanding imagination and vision. A basic design combined with limitless imagination results in tough bags that exhibit a fashion-forward attitude, impeccable reliability, and high standards.

The Vision & Mission

hide & chic’s USP!

We are one of the few companies that started selling and importing leather belts directly from India and supplying departmental stores. We hold the value of facilitating the best perks and services to our clients to ensure they keep coming back to us every time. Keeping the value for money in mind, we facilitate genuine leather belts at an affordable price since the buyers were fed up with hefty price PU belts tearing apart in two months. The brand hide & chic functions in a market-based economy governed by basic economics rather than a huge bureaucracy.